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Joe Woodley was riding high as an author, leadership and team development coach, and an inspirational keynote speaker, developing leaders at various organizations, including the Fortune 500 company, American Electric Power. Everything came to a sudden halt, when he became ill, and was admitted to the hospital, nearly losing his life from heart failure.  

Driven by his faith, and passion for life, Joe shares his empowering story of faith, and his miraculously speedy recovery and rehabilitation process. He is dedicated to utilizing his accumulated experience, skills and expertise to empower Kingdom- minded individuals, leaders and organizations to reach their God-given potential.  

Joe’s specialty is equipping leaders and teams with the relational skills and divine truths they need to flourish and navigate through the unique challenges presented in today’s high-performance environments. 

In his own unique style, emerging from a plethora of transformative life experiences, Joe provides workshops, seminars and other resources to emphasize the necessity of excellence in character, integrity, leadership, support-care and accountability. 

His literary works which include, ‘You Were Born to Win So, Suck it Up Buttercup’ , ‘No Generals in the House: Faith, Facts, and Fatherhood', and ‘Return Home Wounded Warriors: The Church is You’; tools causing a shift in the readers thought process and actions.  Joe is a special guest for conferences and his voice is recognized on numerous nationally syndicated broadcasts.  

He resides with his family, in Columbus, Ohio. 

A Philosophy for the Future


Don't allow past failures to misinform you of your future success.

Workshops and Keynotes


As an experienced, and innovative speaker, and influencer, I will bring passion, expertise and a breath of fresh air to your next event. Let us form a partnership, where we can customize a workshop or presentation that fits the needs of your group, or organization.


A Matter Of Faith


Joe Woodley shares personal testimonials how the power of God miraculously healed him multiple times throughout his life, through the power of prayer, and meditation on the Word of God.

A Matter of Character

Kingdom Business Development Christian Business Group Keynote Speaker Joe Woodley

Joe discusses what good character truly is, and how its traits will transform your personal life, your organization, and the community.

The Father Factor


The undeniable reality is the culture has drastically changed, over the past forty years. Joe Woodley shares an empowering message about the essential role fathers fulfill in the lives of their families, communities, and the nation.

Service Excellence and Integrity

American Electric Power Workshop with Joe Woodley

 This presentation emphasizes the need for excellence in providing quality service to customers, and clients. Joe engages participants, and challenges them to develop healthy professional relationships, based on principles that include honor, integrity and respect.

Discovering Your 'It" Factor


Launch into your future, with this inspirational presentation. Let's discover and celebrate your uniqueness together. 


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Joe Speaks Life

Columbus, Ohio, United States

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